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drshakegonzo 10-16-2008 09:08 PM

xvid question
ok i reposted this cuz i found my previous answer on my own.

However, still need lots of help im sure. Ok so i'm new to downloading torrents. I got a couple movies. First off sorry Im using mac os its a mac book. I'm not sure what version or anything that i have. but... i dloaded some dvdrips. I simply want to watch them not burn them on my mac. So i open the dloaded dvd rip and the folder has all these .r01 and .r02 etc and I can't view them or open w/ any app. I unzipped one with win rar but that only converted one of those tiny files about 50 secs of the movie. That was the only file that was named a .rar file. SO i'm guessing thats why all the other ones are greyed out and doesn't allow me to convert. So how can I covert all of them or do i even need to do this. or what? Can anyone shed any light on this and help a poor guy out. Appreciate any help greatly. thanks the dr.

awrence 10-18-2008 09:47 AM

Hi drshakegonzo,

the software you need is Stuffit Expander to unzip the whole film and VLC player (videolan, free download) to play the film.

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