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    Angry Capture video from camcorder
    I am a Mac newbie.....
    I have just bought my firm Mac, an iMac. I have a sony handycam HC44 and I am trying to caputer video footage with iMovie08 (looked very easy at the applestore).
    I am using the firewire cable purchased from Sony (4pin to 6pin).
    iMovie08 does not appear to recognise my camcorder, in fact the only device it does recognise when I try to caputure / import is the icamera.

    Any ideas? Any help would be great...

    Thanks in advance

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    Sony's don't have a great reputation for compatibility with macs. You can google your model number with some other keywords to see if others using iMovie are having any success.

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    sometimes you have to turn on your camera after iMovie is also open sometimes you have to open iMovie after you turn on your camera. I don't know why it is so fickle but I have this problem with my Panasonic camera. Maybe it is just because iMovie 08 kind of sucks Anyway, I've found that if I restart iMovie a couple of times I can get it to recognize my camera. Good luck. You can also download iMovie 06 for free if you already have iMovie 08. Unfortunately 06 doesn't do widescreen, just letterboxing

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    You can capture a still image from a video but you have to do it on the actual camera. It's explained in the handycam handbook, a pdf download (free) on Sony's website.

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