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Thread: Capture Problem with FCE

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    Capture Problem with FCE
    Hi, I've recently got FCE 4 for my macbook pro but I'm having a major problem with capturing-every time I initialize the capture, a message comes up telling me there is a problem reading the source tape and the capture aborts.

    At first, it was just a msg informing me of dropped frames, but I just changed the preferences to prevent abort on dropped frames. I've tried cleaning the tape head, and trying different tapes..all to no avail. I've set up so I'm capturing the footage to my external LaCie drive (because this was a suggested solution for capture problems I read somewhere). I've read there are problems with FCE compatibility with os X 10.4.9 but my system is os X I'm not sure are there issues with this.

    Basically I'm really at loss for what to do-I managed to capture the footage from tapes to iMovie a week or two ago with no problems so I can't understand why there would be an error with reading the tape now. My camera is a panasonic AG DVX100B in case this is relevant.

    Any help or advice would be great, thanks

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    Try a different cable.

    If the camera is hooked up the drive which is hooked up to your computer, then perhaps the system can't handle that hookup well. I've seen that mentioned in the past. If the drive also has a USB connector, I'd try that too.

    I'd start by pulling the external drive from the equation. Second, I'd try a different cable.
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