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    OSX DVD Player won't play certain DVD's..!
    Seen similar threads but none really answered the question - just wondered if there are others out there who have the same problem...

    I play DVD's on a G4 1Gighz (256MB) iMac. I play the same DVD's on my G3 500 (384MB) iBook. No prob's, well not with most of them. Occasionally, and it seems to be predominantly TV show DVD's (Faulty Towers, Friends, and Cold Feet (i'm in the UK, they are all region two and my machines are set to region two)), I can't get them to play. With certain DVD's they play sometimes, but not all of the time.
    Sometimes they play on the iBook, but not on the iMac!! I've tried the Faulty Towers DVD on an brand new iBook and exactly the same problems in exactly the same places.
    I've tried third party software (should realy post what they are but don't have them to hand) and so far no luck...
    Is this a hardware problem - has anyone else overcome it in anyway?



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    have you tried cleaning the lens or the dvds in question?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Macman
    have you tried cleaning the lens or the dvds in question?
    i've certainly cleaned the disks several times.
    I haven't invested in a lens cleaner as yet - I didn't understand why the majority of my DVD's work and then certain others consistently don't - or consistently cause problems...

    Assumed this would be a widespread problem.

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