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    Open-source DVD Ripping Program?
    Does anyone know of a good quality open source DVD ripping program? The only lead I have that has some suggestions behind it is HandBrake.

    Also, once I do rip them, can I burn them again with iDVD or should I get another program to burn DVDs? Thanks for any help.

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    I would assume you're backing up your personal collection right? Talk of piracy is against the forum rules. I will assume these are DVDs that you own. Handbrake is decent, but I prefer Mactheripper and DVD2oneX2 to back up my collection. I also have Dvdremaster. They all work well. Give them a try and see how they do for you.

    I don't like iDVD too much, I find it will bulk up the size and what not. Use Burn, DVD2oneX2, DVDremaster, Toast, etc. to make your burns. They will burn better and you'll loose less information.

    I'll generally rip the disc in Mactheripper and then import it into DVD2oneX2, you can then compress it the DVD to fit on a single layer disc, or you can remove content from the disc as well. I do this when going on a trip or something, that way I don't fudge up my original, or if they get lost or cracked, etc.. I don't have to worry about it.

    My post is for informational purposes only. I am not condoning piracy, I would urge you to purchase your media instead of stealing it.

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    Ghost, if he's talking about commercial DVDs, even if they're from his personal collection, we can't discuss that sort of stuff here at Mac-Forums.

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    No yeah, mos def. I have bunch of footage on a couple DVD that was made of my family surfing in Hawaii. I just wanted to get those files on my compy. Thanks a lot.

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    DVD2oneX2 seems to not be free...could you suggest another comparable program? Or should I just try one of your other suggestions?

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