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    iDVD/USB Connection?
    I just got a Canon HD camcorder with a USB connection. When I start iDVD it seems to only want a firewire connection and doesn't recognize my camcorder. Is there a fix/workaround. iMovie works fine with the USB. I only want iDVD for one thing. I just want to be able to dump the contents of the HDD to a DVD in it's simplest form.

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    If the camera mounts and looks like a drive, then try inserting a DVD and dragging the contents to it and choose burn in the Finder. Remember the DVD may be too small for all of the content. Test out how it works before removing the content from the camera.

    iDVD is meant to create a DVD like you buy from Hollywood. Depending on the camera codec, you likely need something like iMovie to convert the content to a codec (file type) that iDVD can understand.
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