Hi Mac Forums,
I have a Mac G5 with Leopard OSX 10.5 and iMovie HD 5.0.2 When I try to import video from a Sony DCR-PC110E via Firewire, the video plays in the LCD screen on the camera OK. For the first few frames the iMovie window on the G5 is just a mass of small fast moving seperated blocks. After a few seconds the iMovie screen goes totally blank, it displays a blue screen and imports nothing but the video continues playing in the camera LCD screen. Even the Clips panel is just blank.

I then disconnect the Firewire cable and plug it into my G4 with OSX 10.3.9 and iMovie 3.0.3. Open iMovie, rewind the tape on the PC110E, click the Import button and it imports perfectly. Can anyone please advise. With regards, Bryan