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    capturing TV shows as seperate videos

    I want to convert my TV shows on DVD into seperate video for AppleTV

    At present I can only rip the whole DVD as one clip so all the episodes are together.

    Anyone know how to seperate TV shows on one DVD?? and the software to use



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    You can use Handbrake - but do you have permission to do this? if not you are in breach of copyright laws!

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    Top of my head, this....

    Convert your Video TS VOB files to dv files and import to iMovie. (with VisualHub?)

    Then do your thing with chapter markers, etc and share with iDVD and burn.

    Think it should work...

    Good Luck M

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    Hi Del,

    I appreciate your stand on questioning copyright violations. I personally don't believe in "stealing" music or movies.

    I think there are issues with Fair Use (refered to as Fair Dealing in Australia) that provide exemptions for certain uses of copyright material.

    These shows wont be publically available or distributed, just want to put the DVD's in a box and play movies via my AppleTV

    If these exemptions weren't considered then we all need to delete those ripped CD's from our personal collection from our Ipods.



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