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    Visual Hub question!!
    Alright so I've been using visual hub to burn DVD's and what not but I've run into a problem....I'm trying to put 3 movies onto a DVD using VH. I've burned multiple things before and I've realized that if I was to click "menu" on the DVD remote and what not that it's not an available function. So my question is...Is there anyway to add some sort of menu when burning my 3 movies with Visual Hub?

    For example, when I click menu I'd want to be able to see a menu screen with...
    Movie 1
    Movie 2
    Movie 3
    ...and be able to choose from those movies.

    I also use Toast Titanium and I know that makes it a lot easier but I've noticed that when I burned movies using Toast that they come out "zoomed in" when I watch them and it's just annoying.

    So let me know what you guys think.

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    I don't think so... but you should be able to just press "next track" on your remote to skip between movies?

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