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Thread: iDVD: burning question

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    iDVD: burning question
    I'm creating a iDVD menu and I'm going to be burning on dual-layer disc. iDVD said that its better to burn directly to the disk from the program rather than create an image on your computer then use another program to burn that image. Is this correct? I'm making about 5 DVD's so would it make that much of a difference if I choose to burn direct or use toast to burn the image file?

    also...will dual layer dvd's I create pretty much work in all dvd player now? Any you suggest for mac's?

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    That is the exact opposite of what I recommend. I prefer creating a disk image or folder structure on a hard drive first, testing it one last time, then using Toast to burn the DVD. The reason is that if iDVD has an issue creating the DVD, I can exclude the burning process as a problem and not waste DVD discs.

    iDVD encodes the assets before burning a DVD. Once that is completed, it probably doesn't really matter which software you use to burn the disk.

    Older players didn't have the ability to read self burned discs. I'm not sure if there was a problem reading dual layer discs for machines that could read home made DVDs.
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    I prefer to create a disc image as well. It works better.

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