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    Exclamation Need help with Handbrake (converting homemade video to MP4)
    So.... basically i have two old school cassettes with some old footage on, which i have managed to record to 2 different DVDs. I'm hoping to import them both into iMovie for editing. Using Handbrake, i managed to convert the first DVD to MP4 format(which plays on Quicktime fine, and has been imported into iMovie for editing),but for some reason with the second DVD, even though it has converted to MP4, it comes up with the message "this is not a movie file"! If the first one worked fine, why on earth is this one not??!!! It's the same DVD make, recorded them in the same way as well. I'm playing them in Quicktime player, but i'm hoping to import both DVDs into iMovie for editing...

    Can someone please help!!!??!!! I've been trying for hours!!!

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    May be of help.....

    Using Handbrake, I convert the relevant file to .dv for importing into iMovie Seem to work OK

    Good luck

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