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    VisualHub question....
    Mr. Plow here on the forums suggested that I purchase VisualHub to "clear up" my pixelated QuicktimePro movies.

    The issue was that when converting a .mov file in Quicktime Pro to .avi, the new file's quality turned pixleated (poor quality)

    The VH definately helped! However, VH is only allowing me 45 seconds of playtime??

    I bought the software. I have since posted this question on VH's forum AND contacted their tech support. I have not recevied any replies whatsoever.

    I was hoping someone here may have some idea.

    Again, Visual Hub converts my QuicktimePro .mov files to .avi or wmv very well, but only plays for 45 seconds.

    thanks guys

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    Is it still in trial mode. A time limit like that would suggest it still is. When you purchased it they should have given you a serial number. you have to enter that along with your name and email you gave them when you got it.

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