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    Question How can I...? (a video question from a total noob)
    Hello all~

    I want to capture streaming video (from sites like YouTube) and then integrate the video clips into my iMovie projects.

    Can this be done with iMovie?
    If not, can someone recommend a free piece of software that will allow me to do so?

    I've been searching all morning, and I'm no coming up with anything. I found one similar question by a user named Gray in these foroms, but the answers to that question did not help me. Anyone have any other suggestions?

    All help is greatly appreciate. I thank you for your time and consideration!
    ~Senseless Babble

    ps - plz forgive me newbie-ness. I only made the switch to Mac this year. Thanks!

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    Providing it is legal for you to do so, then you can save a youtube video with tubesock or you could take a recording of it with Snapz Pro X.

    Then you could import to imovie and edit away.

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