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    Unhappy Help with importing DV-VCR (HDV) Tape Camcorder to iMovie 08
    Hi I really need help with importing some files. I have a Sony HDV/DV Tape Handycam Camcorder of some kind. It uses tapes and the only way I can connect is through firewire. So I connect and iMovie opens up the import window. The thing is when I click import where I want it to import, it doesn't display on my Mac but only displays on my camcorder. The main problem, once I press stop and click done, it doesn't generate any thumbnails or new events. It's like I import it and then it just stops. I really need help because I like taking videos and I have a simple not nearly as good video camera that's easy to use but I want Hi-Def footage. If you don't understand the problem just reply with your question and I will be sure to answer.


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    First, saying "I have a Sony HDV/DV Tape Handycam Camcorder of some kind" isn't good enough. If you supply the model number someone might have information for you that comes from real experience with the camera. Others might be willing to look up something about the camera and still help you out. When you supply incomplete information, expect less from the responses.

    With my very limited Sony experience, I found I had to read the manual on how to set the camera settings for firewire transfer to read the camera properly for HDV content. I don't remember the details.
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    When asking questions, post the version of your software. You'll receive better answers.

    Please post your results to the thread as it is good feedback.

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