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    Unhappy i-DVD is killing my business
    Everything was going well and I was building up a good reputation as a specialist videographer, I had a steady flow of work coming in and have not yet had the time to learn i-DVD Studio Pro which I think is something I should focus on as soon as I can afford to purchase it because i-DVD 7.0.2 has been a colossal let down and not just a waste of money, but a serious loss of money.

    It finds any excuse not to burn a disc, for example - the menu duration exceeds 15 minutes (even if the menu duration doesn't exceed 2 minutes), I have re-installed i-DVD, re-started and deleted drop zones and even the 'reciepts' files from my username, however - this pales in comparison to the main problem.

    The DVD spits out of my MacBook Pro while on the screen it is still multiplexing and burning! The ejected DVD will either be unreadable or suffer severe damage.

    What is causing this premature ejection? ...I have had my machine over 2 years now and it seems i-DVD gets worse with each upgrade.

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    First, it isn't i-DVD Studio Pro. It is just DVD Studio Pro. Note also that you can not buy this separately. It only comes with the Final Cut Suite. It also can't produce Blu-Ray discs.

    I don't think I've heard of the early ejection issue before.

    Here is what I advocate to help with burning and isolating issues.

    Instead of using "Burn DVD...", I choose "Save as Disc Image..." or "Save as VIDEO_TS Folder...". I then open up the result in DVD Player to test the result. If good, I finally use Toast to create the actual DVD from that created result.

    I also set the Encoding to Professional. The benefit is that back ground rendering is not done while you are still working on the project.

    I'm not sure how to answer the other issues. Do the common things like fixing disk permissions, checking the Console logs, etc.
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