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    Camcorder advice
    I am looking to purchase a new camcorder and want to know if anyone can offer me some advice in regards to which cameras work the best with Premiere Pro CS3. I am leaning toward a tapeless camcorder, but obviously would want to purchase what is going to be most compatible with my mac and the software I am running. I currently have a Mac Pro running Leopard. Any advice or help is greatly appreciated.

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    I've heard bad things about tapeless camcorders, something like the quality is degraded in the transfer from the camcorder to the computer. What's your budget? The Canon HV20 (or HV30) might be a good pick for you... They come in at about $520 and $750 respectively.

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    Yea I own the Canon HV20 its amazing. I also use PP CS3. Before I bought this camera I was looking into a hard drive camera and I heard many bad things, formats, archiving... So i'd say HV30 would be your best bet, only about 800 bucks.

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    if your budget allows, the panasonic hvx200 records on either tape or P2 cards. the bad news is that P2 is proprietary, so an 8G card may run you up to 1000 US and captures an measly 8 mins of hd720 footage, and be wary of P2 card bump, its old school, but it still happens, the camera takes a hit and boom, your footage on the card is totally gone, this is more applicable for the 1st gen. hvx200's though. all said and done, this camera is fantastic, and prefer it over the canon and sony lines of HDV cameras anyday.

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