Okay here's the sitch:

New apartment...it's kinda small...I work in the line of Video audio production and also enjoy gaming in my free time.

I recently bought an ADVC110 to convert my collection of analog video to digital.

Now I can't fit a TV anywhere in my apartment but with the ADCV110 I could essentially use my mac as a screen to play my old Snes games or probably even my Xbox360.

I tested this hypothesis by opening Final cut and bringing up the capture screen. IT WORKED!...kind of.

No sound and it seemed like there was a small lag...not sure.

My question is:

Is there a program that would just display the feed (both audio and visual) from my ADVC110 (which is essentially a firewire device) so that I could essentially plug any RCA friendly compnent IE my snes etc. and play it? Please help!