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    Question text scramble effect?
    If anybody has seen Bourne Ultimatum, National Treasure, Transformers, or has played call of duty 4 (or has watched any modern movie), when they display text, they make the random letters first appear, and then display the message. They do it to have a modern computer feel. Does anybody know how to recreate this effect or direct me to a tutorial?

    If you guys don't understand what I am talking about, watch this Call of Duty 4 cutscene (Not a Spoiler for those who play the game)
    Notice how the text seems to be "coded" in onto the screen. Does anybody know how to do this cool effect?

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    You could do it 'manually' using Flash. You'd have to create a new keyframe for each letter, but it would be tedious rather than difficult and would actually look quite cool. Export the finished text as a movie (probably quicktime) and then import it into iMovie or your preferred editor.

    Hmm, might give that a go myself when i get time.

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