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    May 05, 2008
    Big of help please!
    About about to create a menu in iDVD and put all my photos into it. I'm just wondering if its possible to have an option to "Play All" the slideshows i'm to put in instead of selecting each one using the chapters. Thanks

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    May 05, 2008
    Seems i have another problem. When i click on a theme that i want nothing sohws up. All the themes are up-to-date and i've got the latest version of iDVD. When i go into the preferences it says "Look for my themes in these folders" and the only folder thats there is /private/var/root/Library/Application Support/iDVD/Themes. Thats where the themes are. Does anyone know why the hemes aren't loading it

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    I actually read a thread a few days ago on this site that they were having the same issue with the themes. (no one had responded)

    As for the "play all" I'm not much of an iDVD guy. Sorry.

    Apple makes it easy to be an artist or a hack, don't be a hack.

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    Look for video tutorials on The official Apple Website. Mac 101 explains everything.

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