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    Mac camcorder support info

    I am on the search for a new camcorder. I have an iMac and want to use iMovie to edit my movies. I am very concerned about compatability. So far the 2 camcorders I have already don't work with my iMac. I have a Sony model DCR-DVD101 (about 4 yeard old, not supported) and even older I have a Sony DCR-IP5 ( recorded on the seemingly obsolete Micro-MV tapes, MPEG-2), no luck getting that one to work either.

    So, before purchasing a new camera I want to make sure that I will be able to just hook it up and transfer to iMovie without problem. I found a page of camcorder support on the Mac site but it doesn't seem complete or current. So I'm looking for experience.

    I just need this for the basics, family videos, sons sport events etc. although, that being said I want a better quality picture than I get with this old DVD recorder. I have been researching a bit and I believe I want something with a Hard Drive for memory, Hi-def and I am confused about AVCHD, it seems fairly new and quirky depending on the post-processing software.

    So I am looking for some kind of current list or experience on which models will work with my iMac without problems. Any help anyone can offer would be much appreciated. TIA!!!!!

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    I was in the same boat when I switched to mac. I had the DCR-DVD300 or something like that. So I know that one doesn't work. What you want to look for is a camera that uses firewire or if it is a Sony it's call iLink. From what I've heard about others buying Sonys is that they do not come with the firewire cable so people get frustrated because they think it doesn't work when they hook it up with the included USB cable, which is only for transfer still images to mac. Also you want to stay away from cameras that record to DVD, as you know. The best thing to look for is firewire and miniDV tape. I picked up the Sony HDR-HC3 nice little cam and priced right. I think they are up HDR-HC7 now.

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    Canon and Sony seem to have the best track record working with Macs. At least when you don't choose some weird format like DVD recorders. Macworld recently discussed this.
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    I have a 2 week old Panasonic HDC-SD9 and I have no problems transferring AVCHD to both iMovie 08 and FCE4. I am able to use up to a 16GB SDHC card with it, and I definitely went with Class 6. Got the card at Fry's Electronics for $49, which is a steal for a 16 gig SDHC card. That will yield about 4 hours of full 1920x1080 footage at the highest setting for the Panasonic. Oh.. best part.. got it at Best Buy for $599 here in Phoenix.

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