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Thread: I want to take video out of Keynote

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    Question I want to take video out of Keynote
    Hi.. I put some edited video in a Keynote presentation. Now I want to put the video on my blog -- need to get it out of the keynote presentation. (would love to re-edit it in iMovie.)

    It dropped right into Keynote, but I can't drag it out.

    How do I get it out? Any answers?

    thanks in advance for help

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    have you tried any export functions on only that slide?

    The only other way I know to get it off is by using Snapz Pro X it costs about $50 though.

    Actually, I just thout of something. Check the size of the keynote file. Is it big enough to have the video as part of the file or is it just refrencing it from another location?

    And another idea... If you look at a keynote file on a windows machine it is actually a folder that mac recognizes as a file. Let me play around with that idea and I'll hit you back, if you still need help.

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    Go to the keynote file in finder and right click it. Select show package contents and root around inside the folders to see if you can retrieve your movie.

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