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    Exclamation MPEG video files will not play sound!
    I have some video files that i have on a DVD that I can watch but I can't get the sound to work. I first had to download the MPEG-2 Converter for Quicktime for me to even watch the video files but the sound still does not work. I have tried running it in Quicktime, DVD player, Divx player, Iphoto and Itunes but nothing is working.

    Any ideas??

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    Is the DVD a standard video DVD like Hollywood would produce, or is it just a DVD with data files on it that happens to be Mpeg files?

    When you use QuickTime, type comman-I and see if it tells you what the video and audio formats are.

    Look into MPEG Streamclip to transcode (convert) the file. Or look into installing Perian which allows QuickTime to play back even more formats. Also, VLC can play back many formats too.
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    I downloaded Perian but the sound is still not there. The DVD is just one with some recorded video on it not an actual movie.

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    ok so i just got VLC and that works,

    Thanks A lot

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    I used VLC for AVI files and stuff like that. Its a great little program
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