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    Problem with Compression/Archiving
    I recently discovered the "right-click, Compress" feature on my MacBook, and I thought Great! this will make sending videos and picture folders so much easier! In practice so far, however, every "zipped" file, where the original is anywhere from 16 MB to 150 MB, is only one to three MB smaller than the original.

    Is there some way for me to change a setting on my Mac to change how this is working? Clearly compression in this way is useless, and I am very puzzled. Please help me. I am pretty clueless, but eager to learn. Thank you!


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    basically you are compressing video files that already have compression codecs in them. Zipping a movie file not not save you much

    Compression is a bit like compacting all the stuff in your homes bin. The movie file is already compacted down so using addition compression isn't going to get you much more space

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    Quote Originally Posted by louishen View Post
    The movie file is already compacted down so using addition compression isn't going to get you much more space
    Indeed. There are files that are good candidates for compressing and there are not. If you compare and contrast different file types wit their zip/sit compression, you'll get a good idea of what will work and what will dissappoint.

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