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Thread: Watching Movies from MBP on my TV

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    Watching Movies from MBP on my TV
    I am not sure if this should go in the movies section or the MBP section. Feel free to reorganize if needed. Sorry.

    I have a MBP and a 50inch Samsung DLP TV. I have some movies saved on my hard drive of my MBP and would like to be able to watch them on my new TV. Can someone guide me to what cables I need to buy.

    I know I will need a video cable and an audio cable. I assume I need a DVI to HDMI cord. Now- will that give me audio and video or just the video? Is DVI correct or is it VGA to HDMI?

    Then what about audio? If HDMI does not get the audio, what other cable do I need for that.
    thanks guys

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    found this elsewhere on the forum and just in case someone stumbles upon my posting and needs the same help i will paste it below for you:

    An HDMI cable can carry BOTH video and audio signals, which is why a DVD player can be hooked up with just one HDMI cable.
    On the other hand, DVI is video only. Your Macbook has a mini-DVI output, which is used for external displays, but this port does NOT carry audio. For that reason, you will always need two cables coming from your Macbook; one for video, and one for audio.
    For audio, you should use your "headphone" jack. Get a cable which has one end as a headphone plug, and the other end is two RCA plugs (that is the red and white ones). You should be all set
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    going with this audio choice:
    and probably this video choice:

    these are cheaper than best buy and circuit city... still not as cheap as ebay though!

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    appears i need help afterall. just got back from wal-mart. the video is fine. it is up and running (a bit jumpy but i have not messed with resolution yet). the problem is i have no audio. i have the 3.5 to rca plugged in the headphone jack, but i can't choose the source hdmi 1 for the video and then choose av2 for the audio... how do i have two sources at once. i assume my tv thinks if i am using hdmi then i have audio and video so there is no need to source the other channel... but of course we know this is not right. help!

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