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    frustrated with iDVD '08
    I wanted to create a DL DVD and then using dvd2one shrink it so it would fit onto one DVD. I have 2 episodes of my favorite series (each 1:40 hours long) and I chose a menu from iDVD '08 and the projected size was 6.7GB so that's why I chose DL and shrinking. I started the encoding yesterday at 23:00 and it finished 5 minutes ago at 12:10. So for 3:20 hours of video the encoding took 13:10 hours. I use a Macbook 2.16GHz with 2GB RAM and a 5400RPM HDD.

    This is soooooo slow that it's frustrating!!! Do you know of any other DVD authoring application that doesn't require a dedicated GPU since mine is an integrated one?

    And would anyone be willing to download the 2 episodes and try for themselves with some other Mac so I get a sense of things? I have the torrent still (all together less than 1GB download)

    And can someone explain to me, would 4 cores and/or a dedicated GPU make a difference?

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    A dedicated GPU (or at least a GPU that supports Quartz Extreme, as do the most recent iterations of Macbook/MBP/Mac Pro) would be the cost-effective solution, as opposed to a fully decked out quad core Mac Pro. Here's how I do it (just my 2 shillings worth):

    Source: either OTA HD broadcast (local Phoenix, AZ networks) using a Pinnacle HD Stick Pro (model 800e) and eyeTV 3 (3.0.2), which I then export as a DV to edit in iMovie 08. When I import an existing program (or yes, even some of my wife's older VHS tapes *shudder*) I use the breakout dongle for the HD Stick, into eyeTV, export as DV, and edit in iMovie 08. From there, I usually can export to iDVD and burn on the disc, with no problems.

    If you have any other suggestions/ideas/workarounds/expedited procedures, feel free to jot them here...

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