Hello all. Shot some videos with my new Canon S5 IS. Yesterday I successfully uploaded two videos to rapidshare. Total length combined was about 12:30.
Today I tried to upload another video to no avail. Tried to upload the same video to you tube. Does it matter if the file is a .dv .wmv or a .avi? I can't figure out where to look in my computer. However I did upload a very short video to my photobucket account. (.avi): It came from the same camera...shot the same day. No problem. All the videos come out of my camera in .avi. I'm really new at this, so maybe I screwed something up. I do notice that in Quicktime I cannot "save as". There is a pro icon in front of Save, save as, and when I click on it it says I have to get Quicktime pro. I am so confused.
Need some help....please