So, I'm burining a huge bulk of DVDs and here's my issue. DVD Studio Pro defaults to my internal burner every time I go to burn a new disc. The problem is my internal drive is buggin out and I'm using an external burner so I have to manually select it each time. It just takes an extra 10 to 20 secs per, but it is highly annoying and when you are burning 200 discs. That time and monotony adds up. If I simply click "Burn" on the toolbar it opens my internal drive. I have to click "Format" in the toolbar and go to the drop-down menu under "Output Destinations" and manually switch from my non-functioning internal drive and select my working external drive. Does anyone know a way to set a default destination within DSP4? I though about simply iunplugging my internal drive, but thought I'd see if there was an easier workaround first?