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wezjones 08-11-2008 08:35 AM

Movie Help
Hi, im sorry if this post is going to sound stupid as im completely new to mac, i have to run movies for a presentation, but i need to be able to created a shortcut for them,

I have copied the video ts from the DVD to the mac and if i run it though DVD player it is fine, but then i have to always go back to the DVD and then selected the next one, is there any way of making each movie a shorty cut so i can just double click on it and it will run the movie? like in windows?

Thanks and sorry again for the post,


tcross04 08-22-2008 01:29 AM

not that I know of but you can rip the ts folder to a movie that QuickTime will play. Download "Handbreak" or "MPEG Streamclip" they are both free

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