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    iDVD and Loop Issue

    I am using iDVD 6.0.4 and I am having a issue with the loop setting. When I preview, everything looks fine. The menu is good and the video loops back around at the right time.

    When I actually burn the dvd and watch it I can't get past the menu. The button I assigned to play highlights but nothing else happens. It does this on two different dvd players. I have deleted the settings and started over a few times and don't know what to try next to shake the problem loose.

    Any ideas to solve this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


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    What are the settings? What do you have set to first play? Does the menu come up first? Or does the movie start playing first? Is the movie set to continuously loop forever, or is it the menu?

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    The video I am wanting to play is a .mov that is 495.7mb that was compressed using Compressor. It is 640x480 and runs 10min 05 seconds. I am using the 5.0 theme called "Sliding Panes" for the menu. The menu pops up like it is supposed to with logos in each of the moving panes. I set the movie to loop from the tree menu under the advanced tab that says loop. It plays great on preview. The problem comes when I burn the disc and watch it on both of the DVD players I have access to. Can't get past the menu.

    I don't know if that was the information you were asking for.

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    tried deleting
    the file under library/preferences.

    That didn't work. Still same problem. Any ideas?

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    Aug 08, 2008
    Must be a software problem on my machine...because I took the exact same file and did everything on another machine that I have access to and it worked just fine like it is supposed to.

    Can a person just reload the idvd software and not everything else?

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