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    iMovie export as avi problem
    I have two projects, 3:33mins & 19:33mins, that I want to save in the .avi format. I was able to save the shorter project (20.1MB) on my desktop as an .avi with no problems.

    When I try the same thing with the same settings with the longer project(27.3MB), I only get the first 41s. The end point is not at a scene change or transition.

    Any ideas on ways to remedy this?

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    can you export regular mpegs or mp4s?

    If so download MPEGStreamclip, and also the Perian codecs, that program will easily convert between just about any video formats out there, including avi

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    May 31, 2008
    Thanks for the information. I'll giv'er a go when I get home from work. But, to answer your question; I haven't tried to save either project as an .mpg
    .dv and .mov are no problem, but when I try to sdave as .avi I hit a snag of some sort.

    I need to have the files in a format that can be edited by PC. I'm just confused why such a pedestrian seeming task has become so difficult.

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