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    Lighting Help
    Hey everybody. I need some help with lighting on a film project. Whats the best I can do for lighting a set for little money? It's a simple set but everything looks like it has a yellow tinge to it. What kind of bulbs are best?

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    Hey JRV

    I'm into film-making and such myself and I'm only 18 so obviously everything is low budget. What I find works best, and I'm not sure what kind of bulbs, but just simple construction lights you can pick up at Home Depot or something like that for real cheap. I got mine for like 49.00 which is considerably cheap for what I was seeing. Hope I was somewhat helpful.

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    Those will work well on a budget, but I hope that they also have a rotating dimmer switch or other brightness adjustment capability. That is because construction lights are rather bright, and you probably will want control over the intensity of the light, as much as possible.

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