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    Hi....advice on recording video and music simultaneously...

    I was a member of these forums a few years back when I was looking for the right Mac for me, but I dont seem to be able to log in anymore. No worries though

    A bit of an intro...Im Carl. I play the geetar and make my own music in a kind of cinematic/atmospheric/soundtracky/ambient/trip hop vibe

    Over the past year I have been recording guitar lessons/demonstrations to put on youtube but I have been having a bit of a problem. Basically I have been wanting to record myself playing simultaneously with the backing track. Currently I dont seem to have any options for doing this. I use IMovie and when I paste up a backing track it just wipes the sound as soon as I hit record. I notice you can overdub sound, but that is obviously not what I want.

    Are there any programs that you can recommend that could do this job for me?

    Oh and just for your interest, here are the videos I have done so far

    And some of my music. I made 'Numb' with my Mac-

    Thanks in advance!


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    Quicktime Pro
    Hi there, after much searching about without any luck, as a last resort I tried out Quicktime Pro. I'm using Jamvox as my audio in and guitar processing but Amplitube/Guitar Rig would work just as well. It can also play backing tracks. In Quicktime, I simply do File/New Movie recording. It automatically uses my isight and the audio from the Jamvox. It saves so much hassle...I am super pleased!!!! It also saves in H.264 - internet ready.

    Good luck!

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