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    iMove error codes
    I am tryng to transfer a project 4.62GB to an 8GB thumb drive. When I try to "share" it, I get an error code "=-50" What is that? Is there a wizard available to identify and help remedy errors in iMovie projects?

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    The -50 error. Search that page for -50 and see the answer. That pretty much sums up the crazy error codes.

    As for the real problem. When you use the words transfer and share, I have to assume you are trying to create a video file for viewing. Is that correct? If so...

    My wild guess would be you are running out of space. Try creating the file on your hard drive and then dragging the result to the thumb drive, if it is small enough to fit.

    Another idea is that the disk format on the thumb drive can't handle files over a certain size. I can't imagine that should be a problem in this day and age, but only you can test that theory. This could be an OS X limit with the thumb drive format I suppose.
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    Can we assume that the project doesn't contain loads and loads of trash?
    Cheers M

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    Thanks X,
    I was trying to transfer a video project so it was readable on a PC or Mac. Once I chopped the project into two halves (re: smaller), the transfer went smoothly.

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