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    Ripping TV Seasons w/ Handbrake
    Hey everyone I have been reading these forums for awhile now, and there are so many knowledgeable members on here that I finally decided just to join. With that being, here is my first question (and first post) here on macforums:

    I have been ripping my purchased copies of "That 70's Show," and on each disc there are usually 6 episodes. When you choose your disc that you want to rip, the titles and chapters and all that good stuff appear on the screen for Handbrake. Under the "Title" dropdown box there are 7 titles for my 6 episode disc, and they usually appear something like this:

    1- 2hr 15min
    2- 22min
    3- 22min
    4- 22min
    5- 22min
    6- 22min
    7- 22min

    So, obviously #1 (2hr 15min) is all of the episodes together, which is not what I want.

    And, #2-7 (22min each) are the individual episodes, which is what I want (each episode ripped and put into iTunes one by one).

    Since I have started ripping these episodes, I have had to rip #2 and wait 15 minutes, come back and click #3, and wait 15 minutes (to rip), come back and click #4, etc.

    So my question: Is there any way (or any setting) that will rip all 6 episodes individually w/out me having to keep coming back and starting the next one five or six times?

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    I would look through Handbrake's FAQ's or Help section to see if it has any notations on batch processing... if it does, then it should guide you through the process of choosing the episodes as a series (batch), then just give you dialog boxes on where to store them (until such time as you gather them into iTunes to sync to your iPod (or AppleTV, et al.) ...

    I personally don't use Handbrake for anything: I use eyeTV 3 to gather the files, then export (for editing, if needed) to DV, drop commercials or unwanted content in iMovie or FCE4 (depending on my mood), and then once I have the event done, I push it to .m4v format (I try to steer clear of the large 960x540 unless I'm going to use them for later additional handling purposes).

    Hope that helps. Cheers!
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    How about the Add To Queue button in the toolbar. My understanding is you select the episode and click add to queue. Wonder if that would work for you?

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    travis is correct, simply add each episode to your queue, and when you've added the last one, just start the queue and it'll go through the disc creating files for each episode.

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    Everyone who helped on this thread thank you, it helped me tons and is going to save me so much time and effort!

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