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    Need help with settings for high quality streaming
    I've been all over Google but I can't find a simple answer to this.

    I've got FC Pro 6. I can export as a QuickTime Movie or using QuickTime Conversion or Compressor. I'd like a fairly high quality video/audio file to show on my web site. The selection is enormous. Problem is, to experiment, which is what I've been doing, takes days. Every time I try one out it's at least 1/2 to two hours waiting to see if it looks good.

    I'd like it to be 640 X 480, stereo and for the viewer not to have to wait too long (I guess that's streaming?) As you can see, this part of the process, I'm a newbie at.

    I've done fairly decent versions for YouTube, but they're not stereo or high quality enough.

    Is there a place that explains what settings to use for what and whether to export to QT Movie, ST Conversion or Compressor?


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    The trouble is that by default youtube displays a low res version of your video (this is what is displayed when you embed the video in your own website).

    If you locate your video on youtube itself, below the video is a link to 'watch in high quality' and you will find that this version is much better.

    Other than that, compress it for web streaming using the H264 codec, 25 frames per sec and then vary the bit rate to suit the file size you want.

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    Is there a chart anywhere that would give more details. For instance, why 25 frames per second. The original was 30. I've seen some folks suggesting 24 fps.

    Anyway, thanks for the data. Love to have more details.

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