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Thread: Export FCP to import to Avid editing system

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    Export FCP to import to Avid editing system
    Does anyone have experience exporting from Final Cut Pro and then importing to Avid editing system? I'm doing an initial edit on Final Cut to be inserted into a final edit on Avid. One thought is to output raw DV from Final Cut Pro to tape which can then be read into the Avid system if this is possible.

    Appreciate any advice on this.

    Paul Klusman

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    Why are you switching between two different editing systems? Why not stick to one for both edits? Just curious.
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    Use a codec that keeps the quality up. Like Apple Intermediate Codec for instance. I have no Avid experience so perhaps AIC won't work, but find the highest quality codec that is usable. If Avid is on a Mac, then perhaps it can deal with the AIC file. Dig into the Avid specs to find out what it can read.
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    there is software that will export timeline and all between final cut and avid, I just can't find it now... but a few minutes googling and you should be able to get it.
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