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    HELP! Video Freezes One Second before the end of each Clip!
    I just started using iMovie about a month ago. So far so good.

    All of sudden, whenever I put two clips together or edit out a section of a video, the end of the first clip always freezes for about 1 second and then goes on to the next clip.

    Sometimes, one or two frames from the excised clip will pop up really fast between the two clips. When I try to edit the two frames out, it starts freezing the end of the first clip.

    I've seen this asked a time or two on the forum but got no response.

    Please help!

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    What are your machine specs? Video editing is a processor intensive task and it might be struggling to render the transition on the fly. Have you tried rendering out the sequence to see if the pauses show up in the clip?
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