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    Audio not working, even after render. please help.
    I am using Final Cut Express.

    I insert audio into my project from itunes and it does the beeping, so i render it, it says it renders (red bar disappears) ..then when i play it there is no sound and no music.

    do i need to have a certain audio file for it to work?
    please help.

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    Well, for starters, you cannot use purchased music from iTunes in FCE. Here are some suggestions.

    Another thing I have heard is people export the music from iTunes to a CD then rip it, then there is no DRM

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    You also may want to check your export settings to ensure that you have the box checked to also export audio. This is easily overlooked.

    Edit: I just realized that you're not getting audio while in the timeline. Probably a DRM thing. I've done the CD burn and rip trick to get rid of the DRM but that may not be kosher to discuss here.
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    I had a similar problem. The advice I got was to convert the track in iTunes to aiff. It will create a duplicate file (in aiff format) in iTunes. Find where that new file is in your iTunes library and import that into FCE. It will work then. Not sure about purchased music though...

    If in iTunes you go to tools (i think) and the only option is to convert to AAC then you need to go to your preferences in iTunes and change the import setting to AIFF. Then go back to step one and you should have convert to AIFF there.


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    i did do some research into it and found out that you cannot import files bought from itunes, which kind of sucks but understandable.

    so you know as well. when i try to convert the file to AIFF. from itunes, it alerts me that you cannot convert files that have been purchased from itunes.

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