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    Which Camcorder
    Hi all,
    This is my first post. Here is my question. I have an iBook G4 and I am running iMovie 6.0.3. I really like this version of imovie and want to stick with it. I do want to upgrade to a HD Canon Camcorder. Can someone recommend a camcorder that will be compatible with my computer/ iMovie 6.0.3 without having to upgrade software and such?
    Thanks in advance,

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    Unfortunately, if you're going to purchase a Canon HD camcorder, you're going to have to make a hefty investment... I am just guessing that if you have a stock iBook G4, and iMovie 6.0.3 (iMovie HD), that it's not going to get the job done...

    But, to follow up a recommendation for a Canon HD camcorder, I'd suggest the Vixia HV30 (if you prefer DV tape), or the HF10 (if you want to opt for a somewhat lighter, more versatile camera)... the HF10 has 16 gigs of standard onboard memory, is full 1080 compliant end-to-end (shooting to export), and, best of all, since it's flash memory-based, you don't have to worry about the moving parts issues with either a tape-based (DV) cam, or the potential jostling and pain you could inflict on the innards of a hard drive-based cam...

    Just my two cents, which is worth even less in the economy in this day and age...

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