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    Cool AVCHD camcorder choices and real-world users
    Alright, here goes... I am exploring the purchase of a high-def tapeless camcorder within the next few weeks (preferably one that supports full HD at 1080i, uses flash memory, and is going to be fairly light on my wallet). For those of you out there who own and/or use AVCHD, could I get some real-world commentary and/or tips on models that you've had success with, and any other assistance would be greatly appreciated!

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    I love my AVCHD camcorder. It is easier to deal with than tape. My Canon's HF100 video quality is excellant. I have yet seen my friend's HDV video off tape because it is hard to carry and play back on removable media. But he has seen mine played back off SDHC off a card reader or off DVDs. You can (if you limit the size of the files,) burn it to standard DVD and play it back on Blue ray players in HD without and major rendering. It is easy to unload, playback and archive.

    See additional comment in my post in the thread:

    My main criteria for a HD camcorder is low light performance. I am very pleased with my HF100. My wife wanted size and no tapes.

    Check out reviews on:


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