Hi everyone,

I am planning on getting my first Mac (yay!) anytime soon. It's gonna be a MacBook with the new OSX Leopard system. I also plan to get Final Cut Pro 6. I currently own a Sony Handycam DCR-SR55E (a hard disk drive camcorder (HDD), so no tape). My question is... Will my camcorder be compatible with my Mac and with Final Cut Pro 6? The reason I ask is because I have heard rumours and seen posts with regards to Mac and Sony not really being good friends. My camcorder records in mpeg2 and Macs use mpeg4. Is there a way round this? Does this only apply to old Mac operating systems and previous versions of Final Cut Pro? Help!

Also, does iMovie 08 support HDD camcorders and mpeg2?

Many thanks,

Bob D

Amendment: I may not be able to afford Final Cut Pro so might get Final Cut Express 4. So the same questions apply to this as well.