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    Best hardware device for capturing from VCR?
    I'm looking for suggestions for the best Mac hardware that will allow me to capture my old VHS tapes onto my computer for editing in Final Cut Pro. I bought a pinnacle Video transfer unit back when I had a PC but it only works with PC formatted external harddrives. I don't really want to partition my harddrive just to use it. Anyone have a good suggestion for a capture device I can use with my Mac pro to get the video onto it?

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    Hmmmm... interesting. I was also running into this problem with my own videotapes (home videos and stuff I've bought over the years I want to transfer to DVD before the tape dissolves, etc.) and I remember seeing a thread regarding ElGato's eyeTV and the ability to use a Pinnacle HD Pro Stick on the Mac. So I bought one, and it works fantastically. It cost me $59 at Best Buy, and I haven't regretted it one bit (I've had it for about 5 months now, and use it numerous times a week). Oh, and by the way, having eyeTV 3 doesn't hurt, either. Cheers!
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    When I was doing that I purchased the Daystar converter. Works great and you can hook anything you want up to it.

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