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Thread: Good Inexpensive Sound Card used with Video for G5?

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    Good Inexpensive Sound Card used with Video for G5?
    I have a G5 1.8 Dual Processor
    4 gb memory ram (maxed out)
    750 GB HD
    80 GB HD

    I am using Final Cut Pro 6 and I currently using the basic sound output that comes with the computer.

    There is a little hum from the sound card and it sounds a little annoying. I'm thinking its probably a good idea to get a better sound card, nothing too fancy, but something that gives me good sound without all the fancy outputs. Also, something that works well with Final Cut pro and video applications. simply put, no wierd latency audio problems and a clean sound.

    Anyone know of a good sound card for my computer that will work well for my use that isn't too expensive?

    I look forward to your responses.... and I appreciate them.

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    If you have hum, then you probably just have a ground loop issue, which is normally pretty easy to solve. However, if you have decent monitors, the definately have a look at a better sound card.

    I recommend one card to everyone who has this problem: we only need good audio out, not 10 ouput and 10 in with bells and whistles.

    Have a look at the lexicon alpha. Its extremely affordable and sounds decent. It has balanced outs, which I assume you need. Cheaper units normally are unbalanced.

    I actually picked one up just for fun as I am a huge fan and user of lexicon pro products. I was so impressed that im now using it with one of my macbook pro's pretty much full time.

    Hope this helped.

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    Hi pharaohmc,
    Thanks information!

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    thats exactly what I need...something with excellent reviews, no need for 10 out 10 in and not too expensive...I appreciate your post Henvan20

    Thanks again...I will pick one up!

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