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    Is there any tool for me??
    Hello everybody, there are a lot of sites that offer different videos. What I do, is collect the most interesting videos that are available online. Often, the ones I check out are good but many times I land up on a page that has no video or nothing to match my interest. I am looking for a solution to this, a tool that can help me to make my browsing more specific and can prevent the openings of non-related sites.

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    Hmmm.... not really sure what you are saying. Sounds like you need to learn how to search better. Instead of searching for "a really cool video that will have me laughing", search for "funny video laugh"... get it?

    You could also narrow down the topics by using the intitle: operator.

    Intitle:Funny Videos
    Intitle:"Funny Videos"
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    I use If you download their toolbar and create an account you can mark sites as thumbs up or down. All you have to do is hit the Stumble! button on the toolbar and they will direct you to a site that matches your interests. You can even specify if you just want to view videos. Great for those bored moments but a terrible time suck!
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