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Thread: Subtitle maker!

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    Subtitle maker!
    I need a program that I can make subtitles (eg. ssa format) with on a video, with a timeline to refer to. Preferably with an audio extracter so I can just use the audio timeline to sync my subtitles to the video.

    I've worked with Subtitle Workshop and Aegisubs on PC. But are there similar programs for Mac, other than Miyu? I don't like Miyu, it's not convenient at all. Miyu does not allow extracting the audio or a timeline to refer to.

    Please! Thank you!

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    This is out of my realm but perhaps Submerge.

    You might try searching the LAFCPUG site for this. On the left side of their home page is a search box. Type the word subtitle in it.
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    I haven't played with it myself but I believe DVD Studio Pro has a strong subtitling tool in it. Worth checking out if you have it.
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