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Thread: Unable to initialize video deck.

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    Unable to initialize video deck.
    Hey all,

    So both my iMovie and Final Cut Express are unable to capture my video from Sony DV Handicam. I have switched Firewire cables and it worked for a little while, until just now. I've tried everything I can think of, including trashing iMovie and Final Cut preferences, reinstalling Quicktime, deleting receipts, changing settings...everything! Please help as I have a video project due and I need to edit it as soon as possible.


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    Reboot, plug in the camera, turn it on as usual, and use System Profiler where you want to look at the Firewire entry under the Hardware collection. The camera should appear if the system is really seeing it. You need to do that kind of debugging before moving forward.

    If the camera is seen, make sure it is set up as it should be, etc.
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