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    Question VHS-C to Digital-Pinnacle
    I need to transfer some very old VHS-c tapes to DVD. I am new to Macs. I saw a video converter for Macs made by Pinnacle. Its a $100.
    says it will download ti I-tunes. I guess then I can burn to a DVD. Is this what I should use? Having someone do it will cost me $20 a tape. I have about 10 with only 15 minutes each. Has anyone used this Pinnacle device? I have a new Mac Book Pro.

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    Some camcorders you can use as a bridge between a VCR and your Mac. Where you place your camcorder into pass thru mode and then you import in iMovie and start the play option on the VCR.
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    I've done it using a Canopus converter

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