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sendas 06-16-2008 07:44 PM

Problem with aspect ratio (JVC GZ-MG335)

I just bought this camera and it's great. When using iMovie 08 it all works fine (it imports video in 16:9 format into a .mov file - 720 x 572 ).

But when I use iMovie HD 6 the same file appears wiith a 4:3 file format...

I choose New and then I choose DV Widescreen.Then I deselect Auto DV Pillarboxing & Letterboxing.... But it does not work..

In Quicktime it plays as a 16:9, as well as in iMovie8.

I think this is in anamorphic (?) format....

Does anyone knows how do I fix this? I do prefer iMovie 6...

Thank you

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