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Thread: Perfect DVD's

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    Perfect DVD's
    I have been doing some testing with my sony 3CCD camera and using both iDVD and DVD studio pro but my dvd's are still grainy. (I might be a little fussy). I have a serious of questions. BTW> My background is editing with AVID composer and creating cds with Sonic DVD workstation, I am trying stuff at home.

    I am using a Sony Broadcast 3CCD camera and the results are great. I am capturing in final cut express via DV and editing.

    Once I have finished editing I want to export to go to either iDVD or studio DVD pro.

    When you import either a exported final cut express project or quicktime and take it into iDVD the video to MPEG codec seems a little second rate. it seems to me that the grain is been added at this process.

    My main questions are:

    a> Does final cut express cature uncompressed DV. ? Will Final Cut Pro give me better overall quailty ? or we talking just some extra handy features.

    b> When exporting a quicktime the manual quotes that every codec in the list as quicktime is compressed. it states that exporting as final cut project keeps the project uncompressed. (also handy for chapter markers) Is this true? It seems some of the quicktime DV codecs produce much larger files then final cut express

    c> Does DVD studio Pro gives better qauilty code conversion then iDVD.

    d> Is it worth using something like MEDIA CLEANER PRO for MPEG2 conversion

    e> Am I asking to much to product a perfect looking DVD (at least the same quality as my orginal DVCAM recording) with this level of software. ???
    I understand that it will always be compressed but off my sonic workstation I can product movie like DVD from the same camera matieral tried above.



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    if you have DVD studio pro and final cut express you can throw away iDVD and Imovie. when you finish your project movie in final cut express, chek your preferences. you must have set high quality recording. export your movie as MPEG2. use settings: 2pass VBR.
    before starting encoding you should calculate if your movie will fit on standard DVD-R (4.3 GB max) forget about 4.7 on the cover. you can use this simple formula 560/x to calculate your encoding bitrate. x = minutes in your movie. highier bitrate results in better quality

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