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    .mod file format
    Right first off my apologies but I am a real newbie to the world of Mac and digital camcorders.
    Been search around for a while for info on converting .mod file formats to edit and play on the mac. I have a Panasonic SDR-S7 SD camcorder.

    Advice please on the best converting software and editing software. I down loaded Mpeg Streamclip but that doesn't support .mod or mpeg file format (I change the file extension from .mod to .mpeg) unless I pay 15 for it. I'm not a pikey but would like to find out if there is something out there for free first.

    Also I would like a basic editing software I have iMovie is that any good (I have never used it before).

    So any help and advice would be greatly appreciated. I know this has probably been asked a thousand times before.

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    you could give ffmpegX a try

    Download ffmpeg X and when opened up download the extra components it needs from the links provided.

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    >>So any help and advice would be greatly appreciated. I know this has probably been asked a thousand times before

    maybe but not on the SDR-S7, since it's rather new
    I've bought one last week and have to find software too to convert .MOD files into .mov or mpeg-4 first.
    Since I have the mpeg-2 playback component for QT already I could open the .MOD files with MPEGstreamclip.

    But if you have iMovie8 you should be able to connect the SDR-S7 to your Mac and import your clips into iMovie without any other application.
    I am running iMovie 6 HD (no iLife'08 yet) and that didn't work for me.
    Maybe I will upgrade to iLife'08 just because that. But first I will try the SDR-S7 to find if this is the camcorder I was looking for.

    cheers ueli

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